Thursday, May 14, 2009


I realized recently that all the places I regularly give to are ministries or people that I have had a personal connection with. I give to a YWAM friend & mentor; Ten Thousand Homes started by YWAM people that I used to babysit for; a Philly ministry I've been to; a prayer room that I was with during the beginning stages; and others. I bring this up to say that my giving is so much more meaningful because I have a connection to these places and believe in what they are doing.

Speaking of ministries, Ten Thousand Homes just recently started partnering with this ministry called Knit-A-Square that distributes blankets, vests, and hats made by knitters the world over. What a good way for me to utilize my basket of scraps! I've been pondering what to do with them. This is the perfect solution. So once I've finished a current project or two that's in progress, I'll start knitting squares and hats to send to Africa. Thanks for this great idea, Jen.

Here's my basket of scraps and some hats that I made a long time ago that have been little used. Can't wait until it's a basket of hats and squares to keep cold children warm.

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