Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh, Haiti!

Haiti . . . that one name now brings many emotions to surface in my heart: compassion, mercy, desire, hope, anticipation, fear.

I am going . . . in 10 days I will be on a plane bound for Port-au-Prince, Haiti, with 6-7 other people. Nearly two months before the earthquake struck, I committed to going to Haiti. I didn't know why at the time, only that I had peace, desire, and an anticipation that God had something for me in Haiti. That anticipation is now even stronger! I cannot shake the sense that God is dancing over us with giddy excitement; He's got something up His sleeve and I can't wait to see what it is!

Yes, I am excited! But there is a little fear mixed in my heart, too. This is Haiti, the poorest nation in the western hemisphere, and it's right after a devastating earthquake that destroyed what little this people had. Everything is in short supply. However, there is enough naivety in me that excitement overrules fear. No, it's not naivety. There's enough faith in the goodness of my Daddy's heart to know that the safest place is the palm of His hand, the center of His will.

Because I am a nurse, I will be working mostly in a hospital, caring for the wounded. I am eager to use my knowledge and skill to care for people who are in desperate need of care. I get frustrated working in a place here where I am easily replaceable and caring for patients who by-and-large are hospitalized due to the direct consequences of life choices. Oh, give me the people who have no one else; the poor, the needy, the wounded and hurt. Let my compassion be even more aroused and awakened!

Though I am a nurse, I know I have so little to give people devastated by loss and injury.

Yet, I am a daughter of the living God, and as such I have much to offer. And it is this that I want to offer.
My hands to be the hands of Christ; my touch to be the healing touch of Jesus; my words to be the love of Christ; my compassion to be the tears of my Daddy; my feet to be the feet that bring good news of great joy: Christ is Risen! and has Conquered ALL sickness, disease, wounds, pain, darkness, sin, evil, fear.

I want to carry the Heart of the Father in my heart . . . to the people of Haiti.