Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tuesday's Scripture Meditation

PSALM 103 meditations:
"Bless the Lord, O my soul, & all that is within me, bless His holy name!"
My soul will bless; my soul does bless the Lord my God & I glory in Him.
Who is this God on whom I have believed?
He is not like the gods of this world who demand & destroy through fear.
No, He is a God, faithful & true.
"He forgets none of His benefits" (those are to us!).
"He has pardoned our iniquities" with His own life & ultimate sacrifice.
"He heals our diseases" for He is intimately acquainted with our bodies & our spirits & our souls.
He knows the places of our pain.
Not only does He pardon, but He redeems;
"He pulls us up from the pit" of the curse of sin into which we have fallen & sets our feet upon the solid ground of all that He is.
And is this not enough?!
To our God it is not for He is a God of extravagant love.
What other god is like unto Him?
There is none!
"He places lovingkindness & compassion upon us as a crown."
"He satisfies" our desires.
This is more than deservedly is required of Him;
This is more than we could ever hope or dream of.
"Our youth is renewed" by the strength of the Lord.
We may waste our life searching for the fountain of perpetual youth,
But "all our fountains are in Him" & we will never find them in another.
And the psalm continues, extolling the wonders of this God who loves us;
Who loves us with an everlasting, always true, love.
There is none like Him.
When we were dead in sin,
Then He chose to love us & He has never stopped ...
Come, come let us pursue Him.
Come, come let us run into the arms of the one who loves us with such extravagant & outrageous love!

PROVERBS 19:11b meditation:
"It is his glory to overlook a transgression."
How opposite the world's point of view which declares that we must defend ourselves & seek revenge. Defending & maintaining our honor, we say. But God says it is wisdom to overlook an offense & leave the revenge to the Lord. Do I do this? Do I overlook offense & choose to love? And do I do it because I love the Lord & not just because I don't want to make waves or because I'm weak? Heart motive, He always brings the issue back to the heart. We can do all the right things but if our heart is carrying the wrong attitude, it is worthless religion. Give me a right & pure heart that lives from the place of desiring to honor, love, and bless You, Lord, in all I do & say.