Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Next Step

It's been eight months now since I started on one of the most amazing adventures I've had so far in my young life. God planted a desire in my heart and I took a step of faith. Looking back I am still amazed at His faithfulness through the whole experience. He provided even when I seriously had my doubts. And in my weakness He was strong.

Just as this adventure was drawing to a close, God started reawakening my heart's desire and passion for intercession. He seemed to be preparing my heart, whispering "This is what I have for you next." So as I flew over the Atlantic on my way to North Africa, I began to read Red Moon Rising, a book about 24/7 prayer. And my heart started asking "What's this look like in my little world of southern Lancaster? What do You want me to do next?"

And I continued to ask the question as I returned home and started a new job.
In some ways I'm still asking this question.

I've had an opportunity sort of placed in my lap, mine for the taking. Though my vision is by no means clear, I believe God has been preparing me for this. The trip to Africa, that was just so God could prove to me that He is strong in my weakness; that when He calls, He also equips. It's not me; it's Him in me.

So I sit here today with an opportunity to become a leader in a ministry that's in its infancy. I'm scared! But there is a growing confidence in my heart that God is calling me to this. Yet fear raises its ugly head. Me, an intercessor?! Me, leading others in intercession?! Me, head of a prayer room?! Who do I think I am? It's not who I think I am, it's who I know God is.

But if I know only two things right now about my future as a Christian, I know that God has called me to a life of intercession. And I know God has given me the gift of healing.
I know that the gift of healing will only begin to manifest as I answer the call to intercession. I know that these two hands of mine will only heal when they have become the hands of Jesus. And that will only happen as I am on my knees in His presence.

The next step will see me as an intercessor and a partner with City Gate House of Prayer. The next step will lead me into Lancaster City, into the lives of its inhabitants, and out of my own comfort zone. I sense the Spirit moving; I think I can hear, faintly, my Daddy's heartbeat. I pray the next step will take me deeper into the heart and the love of my Father. That my love will truly become His love; that my hands will truly become the hands of Christ; that my words will become His words; in all humility, authenticity, love, purity, and holiness.