Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More Verses


I thank You that we no longer must make daily sacrifices to cover our sin.
I thank You that animal blood is no longer spilt daily.
I thank You that I do not need a lamb or goat to take my place.
I thank You that You have made a new and living way.

I thank You that Jesus became the last needed sacrifice.
I thank You that His blood now covers me & was spilt once for all.
I thank You that Jesus took my place.
I thank You for life abundant & new.
I thank You that I have been made a new creation in Christ Jesus,
through His death & resurrection, His sacrifice.


Do we sing,
just because we like to sing?
Do we sing,
just to hear the sound of our own voices?
Do we dance,
just to feel our bodies move?
Do we dance,
just to hear someone say "did you see her dance?"?

Or do we sing
to bring You praise
because You're worthy?
Do we sing
to wage war
on the curse?
Or do we dance
to delight You
because You glory in us?
Do we dance
to break open the heavens
that You might come down?

Will we sing and dance for Your ears and eyes only?

Are we doing what we do here
just for the praise of men?
Or are we doing what we do
because it makes You smile?
Are we doing what we do here for You alone;
are You alone who we see?

If no one else were here,
would we still sing & dance?
If we had no tune, no rhythm,
would we still sing to release the captives?
If we had no grace, no beauty,
would we still dance to break off chains?

Let our song & dance
be intercession
that rises as a pleasing aroma
to Your throne in heaven.
Let our song & dance
be song & dance of war
that we would be Your soldiers
breaking through the defenses.

Make us Your singing & dancing warriors!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Peace & Contentment

Two days ago, I was just walking through the kitchen, minding my own business when it suddenly occurred to me that my heart is at peace. Wow, it really feels good not to have constant questions and turmoil in my heart. Quick on the heels of this realization was the realization that I'm content.

But wait! Isn't contentment like after Thanksgiving dinner when you push back from the table (finally!), full and with the turkey beginning to work on your brain? Don't we call babies content when they are quiet and smiling, without hunger or care in the world? I have cares. I still hunger. I still have desires. I still long to see what God will do next. I still desire to be married. I still want to know God more. I still want to be an intercessor and worshiper. But yet I'm content.

My friend Heidi said, contentment is sorta like courage. Courage isn't the absence of fear, but doing the right thing despite the fear we feel. Likewise contentment isn't the absence of desire, but choosing to be at peace where we are while desiring and having faith for where God will take us next. Or something like that.

I am at peace with where God has me; I am content with my situation; I have hope for what will come next; I have faith for the fulfillment of the desires in my heart. It's an active contentment, an active waiting.

Peace, but not passivity . . .
Contentment, but not inertia . . .
Waiting, but not without hope and faith . . .
My Daddy is so good to me!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

September 10, 2009

I want to feel what You feel,
I want to see what You see.
I want to hear what You hear,
Daddy, I want to know Your heart.

I want to cry Your tears,
I want to weep with You.
I want to laugh in Your joy,
Daddy, I want to love with you.

Daddy, like a little child,
Like a little child wants to help her Daddy,
I want to help You.

Her Daddy carries a load,
She reaches out her hand & grasps the handle,
Holding on beside His hand.
"Let me help you, Daddy."

I want to help you carry Your load, Daddy;
Like a little child.
Though sometimes I only add more weight,
I know, the desire of my heart
Warms my Daddy's heart.
And I see a smile on His face;
I feel His love wash over me;
He knows my heart!
The disobediences, the fears,
the desires, the joys, the loves.
And He dances over His daughter
With joy, with laughter, with love.
For her heart is His;
For she is His very own.

With ribbons & wind,
With lilies & daisies,
He dances with her in His strong arms,
His mighty arms of protection.
Dance with me, Daddy.
Glory in my heart.
Find blessing hidden within me.
Discover peace in my love for You.
Daddy, I want to live to bless You,
To bless Your heart with my love.

September 1, 2009

I'm here, Daddy . . . how can I bless You tonight?

My eyes droop . . . in exhaustion
Yet, Daddy, I'm here.
My flesh is weak & tired,
But I am here to be with You.
My spirit longs for You,
Craves Your presence.
It is for that my heart beats;
Crying, "Come, Daddy, come".

In Your presence, I find peace.
In Your presence, I find rest.
In You, I find strength
For the joy of the Lord
Is my strength.
When I am weak,
When I am tired,
When I am weary,
You uphold me.
You strengthen me.
You give me joy.
And everyday
Your grace is new.
It is fresh & alive;
It is my energy.