Saturday, September 12, 2009

September 10, 2009

I want to feel what You feel,
I want to see what You see.
I want to hear what You hear,
Daddy, I want to know Your heart.

I want to cry Your tears,
I want to weep with You.
I want to laugh in Your joy,
Daddy, I want to love with you.

Daddy, like a little child,
Like a little child wants to help her Daddy,
I want to help You.

Her Daddy carries a load,
She reaches out her hand & grasps the handle,
Holding on beside His hand.
"Let me help you, Daddy."

I want to help you carry Your load, Daddy;
Like a little child.
Though sometimes I only add more weight,
I know, the desire of my heart
Warms my Daddy's heart.
And I see a smile on His face;
I feel His love wash over me;
He knows my heart!
The disobediences, the fears,
the desires, the joys, the loves.
And He dances over His daughter
With joy, with laughter, with love.
For her heart is His;
For she is His very own.

With ribbons & wind,
With lilies & daisies,
He dances with her in His strong arms,
His mighty arms of protection.
Dance with me, Daddy.
Glory in my heart.
Find blessing hidden within me.
Discover peace in my love for You.
Daddy, I want to live to bless You,
To bless Your heart with my love.

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