Saturday, February 26, 2011


Periodically, I will write poetry of sorts in my journal and I want to share some of these from the past few months.

July 20, 2010
I'm longing for something more
more than the life I have known
I'm long for something more
more than security and safety
I want You at all cost
at all risk, You are the more

I won't be satisfied
with what I've known
I won't be satisfied
with "good-enough"
"Good-enough" is not
good enough for me

I know there is more to be had
more than I have known
I know there is more to be had
so I'm asking, crying for the more
The more that is You - ALONE
There is none like You

I choose obedience
I choose to say yes always
I choose the risk of pursuing You
I choose life with you
I choose . . .
That's all
It's my choice
I choose You.

A breaking:
Oh Lord, is it coming?
A breaking:
not just a breakthrough
A breaking:
of our hearts, of all we are
A breaking:
in the spirit that brings release
Release of calling
Release of destiny
Release to ascend to the next level

I want my heart broken with the things that break Yours
I want my heart ever awakened to the whisper of Your spirit
I want brokenness, humility, holiness, purity to be cornerstones of my life
These coming from a foundation of Your furious, extravagant love
Pour it forth, break through, come, Lord, Jesus, COME!

September 14, 2010
Betrothed unto the Lord
With this cup
I remember
With this bread
I remember
With this cup
I accept Your marriage proposal
With this bread and this cup
I accept Your life into mine
And the impossible happens
Two are made into one
You in me
And me in You
Holy, Righteous, Consecrated

October 24, 2010
Jesus, I love You . . . Jesus, I love You
Jesus, I choose You . . . Jesus, I choose You
None, no none like You . . . There is none other
I desire like I desire You . . . I'm removing
All other lovers and desiring You alone . . .
This i my confession tilt he day I die:
I choose you, I chose You, I have chosen You for all my days

One thing   One thing   One thing
              I have desired
              I do seek
  To dwell   to know    to be near
  To meditate   to think upon   to adore
To love more and more and more   everyday
Hunger     Hunger     Hunger
           It burns within
    Insatiable   Consuming   Stronger
Let it grow within  let it burn   and never go out!

January 20, 2011
Who do I say You are, Lord, in my heart?
Do I think rightly of You?

You are beautiful and holy
And I like that about You
You are glorious ad all-together attractive
And I like that about You
You are merciful and gracious
And I like that about You
You who are captivating, have captured my heart
You who are lovely, have made me breathless with wonder, with awe
You who are faithful, have proven yourself faithful even in my faithlessness
You who are love, have lavished love upon me and I am overwhelmed
You who are a jealous, burning fire, have lit a fire in my heart and You blow on it, keeping it ablaze
You who speak with the sound of waters, whisper to my heart with a still small voice
You who are all-powerful, have held my heart with the gentleness of a mother
And all this I love about You
This is why You have captured my heart

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