Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter & a Poem

I found this in my journal from two years ago. It was Easter and for the first time in my life, I realized all that Jesus went through for me and that whether or not I accepted his gift, his sacrifice, didn't change the fact that he was offering it me.

Thank You for this gift You've given to me.
It cost You everything.
I know . . . I know!
But I love it; and I love You.
I am excited to try this new gift.
And the world asks "What is this gift?
What is is?"
Oh my, how do you explain?
It is life, abundant.
Life that does not end,
Love that does not run out,
Courage that never fails,
Words that are food,
Songs that are more than songs,
Smiles with something behind them,
Peace beyond comprehension,
Joy bubbling inside,
Sorrow that is light.
A Friend who never fails,
A Lover so faithful,
A Father all caring,
A Brother who sticks.

When I look back at all that God has done in me, I am amazed and awed at His graciousness, His faithfulness, His astounding Love! This journey that He is taking me on, that He is walking with me is just so far beyond what I ever imagined. The past few months have been an adventure in trust, in obedience, in faith, in hearing God's voice. I have feared, I have stumbled, I have been shaken, but God has been by my side, holding my hand. I am excited; there is anticipation within my spirit; I can't wait to see what God is going to do next; where He will lead me.

And as Easter is now once again just around the corner. And tomorrow is Good Friday. I remember the only reason I am on this incredible journey. It's because Jesus lived and Jesus laughed and Jesus cried and Jesus prayed and Jesus wept and Jesus died. And Jesus rose again!! I walk with my Daddy, because He gave everything, everything for me, to redeem me, and give me abundant life. That's how much He loves me!

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